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Wed March 20 2019

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Lafarge to bring 70% greener concrete to market

29 Apr 15 Lafarge has signed an agreement with US start-up Solidia Technologies to commercialise a technology designed to reduce the environmental footprint of precast concrete.

Potential uses include concrete paving stones
Potential uses include concrete paving stones

The patented technology allows lower CO2 emissions in the cement production process and uses CO2 in precast concrete manufacturing. Lafarge claims that it reduces the carbon footprint of the end-to-end process by up to 70%.

Under the terms of the agreement, Lafarge will have the right to commercialise the technology worldwide. It will offer a complete system of sustainable cement and CO2-cured concrete in partnership with Solidia.

Commercial launch will first take place in some key markets in North America and in Europe for the manufacturing of concrete elements such as paving stones, roof tiles and concrete blocks.

Solidia has developed a new binder made from similar raw materials to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and produced in a traditional rotary kiln. It is produced at lower temperatures and through a different chemical reaction that generates less CO2.

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When used in the manufacture of precast concrete, Solidia Cement hardens through the addition and absorption of CO2 in a patented curing process that is said to reduce the overall carbon footprint by up to 70%.

Lafarge said that Solidia Concrete is higher performing and reaches full strength in less than 24 hours, compared to 28 days for precast concrete made using OPC. 

Lafarge has collaborated with Solidia Technologies since 2013 to industrialise this technology. The two companies worked together to demonstrate the feasibility of commercial-scale production in a conventional cement plant. In April 2014, a joint group of Lafarge and Solidia scientists validated the reduced carbon footprint and commercial viability of Solidia cement during a full-scale trial at Lafarge's Whitehall cement plant in the USA. The cement produced has subsequently been used by a variety of precast customers in North America and Europe to further validate the curing technology and to produce blocks, pavers and roof tiles for commercial testing.


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