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Tue April 20 2021

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Liebherr Nenzing unveils new rigs for piling and foundations

20 Apr 15 Customers from around the world gathered at a Liebherr factory in the Austrian Alps at the weekend to witness the launch of two new machines: a foundation rig and a duty-cycle crane.

Liebherr's new LRB 355 with vibrator
Liebherr's new LRB 355 with vibrator

Liebherr’s new LRB 355 deep foundation machine has been designed for drilling with full displacement tool. The rig can, however, be used for drilling with Kelly equipment, double rotary head and continuous flight auger, or for soil mixing as well as for piling jobs with vibrator and hydraulic hammer. The LRB 355 has the longest tracks in its class for extra stability.

A new attachment is the BAT rotary drive, with a torque of 450 kNm. Features include automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimisation and four electronically adjustable speed ranges.

Also new is the LV20 vibrator, which has an eccentric moment of 0-20kg, maximum centrifugal force of 1160kN and maximum frequency of 2500rpm. Total weight, including clamp, is 4.4 tonnes.

Another key feature sees all the winches mounted directly onto the leader. This allows a clearer view from the operator's cab to the main winch and also ensures that the ropes do not move during leader adjustment. 

An optional elevating working platform provides access to the attachments and to the rotary.

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The LRB 355 is available in two different configurations with a maximum height of 33.5 metres and a maximum weight of approximately 100 tonnes without attachments. The rig is driven by a 600 kW V12 diesel engine.

The rig can be transported with the leader, multi sledge and rope still attached to the machine. The leader can be folded to reduce transportation length.

The HS 8130HD duty-cycle crane (pictured below with casing oscillator) replaces the established HS 885HD. Weighing in at 115 tonnes, it has with two hydraulic free-fall winches offering 35 tonnes of line pull each, which is 17% more power than on the predecessor model.

The HS 8130 HD is designed to be used for various special deep foundation applications as well as typical material handling tasks of a duty-cycle crawler crane. These include working with slurry wall grab up to 35 tonnes and casing oscillator up to 3 metres, material loading with grab or drag bucket, dynamic soil compaction as well as dredging applications.

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