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Sun February 23 2020

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Lighting tower leap for Atlas Copco

15 Feb 19 Atlas Copco has introduced its first-ever battery-powered LED light tower.

The Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+
The Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+

The Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+ is powered by lithium-ion batteries and offers run times of up to 32 hours.

As well as silent running and zero emissions, the manufacturer claims it news minimal maintenance and has low operational costs.

The lithium-ion battery gives it up to 20% more depth of discharge, it is claimed, as well as three times more energy density and a lifetime of 6,000 cycles, which is equivalent to six times more than alternative technologies.

The HiLight Z3+ lamp assembly is comprised of four 160W LEDs, with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Combined with directional glass optics, the floodlights can light up more than 3,000 m2, Atlas Copco says.

The hydraulically elevated vertical mast is certified wind-stable up to 80 km/h and has a maximum operating height of 8 metres.

Félix Gómez, product marketing manager for light towers in Atlas Copco’s Power & Flow division, said: “This launch represents a major leap forward in terms of what is achievable with a battery-powered light tower. Before selecting the battery type, we undertook extensive R&D to ensure we would provide our customers with the best-in-class performance they expect – not just in terms of running hours, but also reliability, ease-of-use and total cost of ownership. The end result is the HiLight Z3+, which offers a yearly reduction of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions and diesel savings of more than 1,000 litres.”

The Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+
The Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+

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