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Thu September 16 2021

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Loading shovel safety alert

8 Jun 18 The Mineral Products Association is urging member firms to improve the edge protection around water pits and fit front end loading shovels with wide angle convex mirrors as well as standard vision mirrors.

The call for enhanced safety comes after a near-miss incident reported at a readymix plant.

The incident report relates that a front end loading shovel entered a small water pit when the operator drove over a storm drain cover. The pit was along one edge of the yard and was adjoining a storm drain that connected to a nearby stream. The weight of the wheeled loader caused the drain cover to collapse, which in turn caused the loader to lean at a dangerous angle, presenting the potential of it tipping over.

Subsequent investigation established that there was a lack of adequate edge protection around the water pit and that the operator failed to see the drain cover under surface water because of the machine’s limited all-round visibility. The operator also had no competency card for loading shovels.

The incident alert was posted on the Mineral Products Association's health & safety hub,

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