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Wed February 26 2020

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Mecalac removes steering column from road rollers

14 Feb 19 Mecalac has developed a new series of tandem vibrating compaction rollers that are steered by joystick rather than wheel.

The Mecalac TV1200 tandem vibrating compaction roller
The Mecalac TV1200 tandem vibrating compaction roller

Compaction rollers joined the Mecalac family with its 2017 acquisition of the Terex facility in Coventry. And as soon as the French got their hands on them, it wanted to improve them, especially the ergonomics.

The first model in the new series to be unveiled is the Mecalac TV1200, which is being launched at the Bauma trade fair in Munich in April.

Most tandem rollers are manoeuvred using the wheel on the steering column. But, as Mecalac’s design team sees it, the steering column represents an obstruction to getting into the seat. Once in position, the driver then has one hand on the wheel, the other on the lever and both eyes eye on the trajectory of the front drum.

Mecalac’s tandem vibrating rollers have no steering column. They are driven by joystick on the right console, making it easier to get in and out, and easier to see what you are doing. As Mecalac puts it, they have put the driver at the heart of the design.

Mecalac has been nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award in the Design category for the TV1200 compaction roller.

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