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Thu September 23 2021

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Modular housing for Winchcombe

3 Jul 20 Housing association Bromford has been given planning permission for its first use of modular housing.

CGI of the Totally Modular housing  development coming to Winchcombe
CGI of the Totally Modular housing development coming to Winchcombe

Bromford will plant six two-bedroom prefabs on its Abbey View garage site in the Gloucestershire town of Winchcombe. They will be arranged as a terrace, in a line together.

The plans were drawn up by GSSArchitecture using Totally Modular’s 2B4P Contemporary architectural designs. Each home will be constructed offsite at Totally Modular’s factory in Cradley Heath, 50 miles away.

With foundations in place ahead of arrival, each steel-framed module is expected to take just hours to install and connect to services.

Site preparation in Winchcombe is expected to start in September, with tenants expected to move into the new homes in early 2021.

Michael Craggs, development and asset management innovation lead at Bromford, said: “We’re delighted to have got the go-ahead for these new homes in Winchcombe. We’ve been researching modern methods of construction for some time and have been looking for an opportunity to put them into practice. We’ve been working with our partners at Totally Modular and GSSArchitecture as well as Tewkesbury Borough Council to put these plans together.”

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He continued: “These homes will be a first for us, but offsite construction is something we are keen to expand as we increase the number of new homes we build every year. Our goal is to build 12,000 homes by 2028 and by 2023 we want to be incorporating at least 250 homes a year from factories, like these ones we’re building in Winchcombe.

“As well as building homes that are affordable to rent we want them to be affordable to run as well. That’s why we are also including some new technology in these homes that will increase their energy efficiency using solar panels and battery storage system from Pure Drive Energy and Daikin Altherma HPC heating and hot water system, as well as charging points for electric cars. Together these systems are likely to considerably reduce residents’ energy bills.”

The six, two bed homes will be a full turnkey solution manufactured by Totally Modular at its factory in Cradley Heath and transported 50 miles to the Abbey View site.

Totally Modular managing director John Connolly said: “Having worked on this project for the last three years and to finally see the planned development crossing the starting line, it will be a big relief to all stakeholders involved. Albeit most forward thinking registered social landlords have an aspiration to introduce a modular offering into their development plans, very few have committed to implementing the model as most prefer to study the process of evolution related to this form of delivery with an expectation of the success and benefits this technology offers before they commit themselves. Fortunately, there are enough pioneers within Bromford that have been prepared to rise above what many individuals perceive as the risks of embracing change and have kept their eye on the goal.

“In a collaborative effort and having overcome the many challenges they have faced, the team have stayed true to the objectives of intending to deliver a superior eco energy efficient housing solution, better, quicker and at cost neutral position when compared against traditional constructional methods. This outcome can only benefit the nation’s need of building more homes for an ever increasing population that will depend on a living environment that offers safe, future proof and socially beneficial features, which in times such as now, will shape the future for generations to come.” 

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