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Fri April 16 2021

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Netherlands airport expansion seeks to free-up slots at Schiphol

9 Apr 15 The Dutch government has announced that Lelystad Airport will be allowed to develop to handle up to 45,000 flight movements a year in order to relieve pressure on Schiphol.

Wilma Mansveld
Wilma Mansveld

Lelystad will take over some of the increase in air traffic at Schiphol. This will allow Schiphol more room for flights with passengers changing planes, to reinforce its position as a hub.

Infrastructure and the environment secretary Wilma Mansveld said: ‘In our economy, Schiphol Airport’s elaborate network of connections is the mainstay for a great many international companies, and thus jobs. Schiphol’s strength, with its network of destinations from the Netherlands to the rest of the world, is not a given. It is not handed to us on a silver platter. That is why it is important for the aviation sector to be able to develop further. I intend to make a contribution by creating additional airport capacity at Lelystad.”

The coalition agreement sets forth that the development of Schiphol Airport will be fostered on account of its key importance for the economy. Lelystad and Eindhoven airports will be allowed to expand further in order to support Schiphol’s growth. The national government, aviation parties, residents and regional authorities have reached an agreement regarding an expansion to 500,000 flight movements a year for Schiphol. In order to meet the overall demand for aviation in the Netherlands, Lelystad and Eindhoven Airports will need to accommodate flights that are not committed to the hub and do not contribute to Schiphol’s international network. This will reinforce Schiphol’s position as a major hub, and will strengthen the Dutch economy.”

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