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Tue June 15 2021

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Network Rail approves SiteZone proximity warning

20 Jan Network Rail has approved the use of the SiteZone proximity warning system as a suitable safety solution to reduce risk of contractors being mown down on rail projects.

The SiteZone proximity warning system (PWS) alerts users to the imminent threat of being run over by a vehicle or machinery.

Even before Network Rail approval, some contractors on rail projects had already been using SiteZone PWS, including on Crossrail sites at Liverpool Street Station, Whitechapel and Maidenhead.

Transport for London also selected the system for use on its Four Lines modernisation program; it was installed on construction plant employed in the re-building of signalling and control system infrastructure.

And Network Rail already uses the proximity warning system itself on its material recycling sites.

As part of the Network Rail approval process, a site-based behavioural study using SiteZone was undertaken by the University of Nottingham and 2020 SHE Solutions. The results showed that SiteZone “made people more aware of the risks associated with working around plant and had therefore made the site safer”. 

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