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Mon August 15 2022

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New attachment set to revolutionise dumpers, tipping & levelling simultaneously

2 Nov 10 Sometimes the best ideas are also the simplest. The NudgeBlade is a revolutionary new attachment for dumpers, enabling a standard dumper to carry out tipping and levelling in a single operation. The NudgeBlade is making its debut at SED 2011 and is set to cause quite a stir in the construction industry.

With the NudgeBlade, it’s no longer necessary to wait for a separate man and machine to come and level out piles of dumped material on site – earth and rubble can be dumped and spread in one go.  This straightforward innovation can be fitted to a 3, 4, 5 or 6 tonne dumper in just 3 hours and according to NudgeBlade’s marketing manager, Nick Matson, “Will change the way you work, forever.” 

Matson said, “This product is so simple and yet so brilliant.  We are coming to SED to show the NudgeBlade and hope to educate the contractor that there really is no other product like this on the market - and when quoting for jobs – there’s no competing with it as you only need one man and one machine!  It’s a no brainer!” 

“We are having an open day on the 18thNovember in Devon on a local farm to showcase the NudgeBlade, prior to showing it at SED.  We have both an indoor arena and an outdoor arena so we are covered should the weather be poor.  I am confident that this product will take off and hirers, contractors etc. will recoup their investment in a short space of time.” Concluded Matson. 

The NudgeBlade is the brainchild of Peter Moore, a contractor and plant operator based in Devon in the UK. 

During his 40 years working as a contractor, Peter always knew that the role of the dumper could be greatly expanded if it could be fitted with something that would spread the contents of the bucket. 

“I’ve spent years mulling over the problem,” he explains. “Every contractor knows that a man and a machine are needed to spread dumped material, and with travel time and the fact that the dumper driver is often idle while the levelling is done, the whole cycle wastes time and money.” 

“I kept running it through my mind and then one day I had my ‘Eureka’ moment while I was eating my sandwiches.   I packed up for the day, went to the timber yard and bought enough timber to mock-up a prototype.” 

By 3am Peter had the basic design for the NudgeBlade.  Since then, he has been improving and refining the design.  The NudgeBlade fitted to Peter’s dumper has spread thousands of tons of all sorts of material over the last six months.   Peter knows it works, and now, with a patent pending, he is introducing the innovation to the construction industry around the world. 

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