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Sun June 13 2021

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New grader and planers from Cat

4 Aug 16 Caterpillar has introduced a new improved motor grader to the market along with two new cold planers for highway contractors.

Cat's new PM622 cold planer
Cat's new PM622 cold planer

The new PM620 and PM622 cold planers are designed as high-production, highly manoeuvrable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass.

Operating weight for the PM620 is 33.3 tonnes and the PM622 is 33.9 tonnes. Transport weights are 29.4 and 30.0 tonnes respectively.

The machines are hydrostatically driven by two variable displacement propel pumps supplying oil to variable displacement motors on each track. The pumps drive opposing track motors, front to back and side to side, to ensure the machine has power across the centre of gravity of the machine. In extreme conditions, automatic traction control controls slippage by providing more power to tracks that grip.

As an option, the planers can be equipped with integrated Cat Grade Control. The 2D-capable/3D-ready grade and slope system automatically controls rotor depth and cross slope to a pre-set cutting depth.

The new Cat 14M3 motor grader (below) has a larger engine than previous Cat planers, but increased fuel efficiency and improved machine balance, the manufacturer says.

Other claims include enhanced transmission performance, advanced electro-hydraulic steering, more powerful telematics, and added operator-safety/convenience features.

The Cat C13 ACERT engine replaces the C11 engine in predecessor models and has an Eco mode that limits the engine’s high-idle speed to 1,750 rpm in working gears while maintaining machine power.

Service intervals have been extended, including 500-hour engine-oil changes and 2,000-hour transmission and differential oil changes.

14M3 motor grader specifications



Net power range

178-213 kW (238-285 hp)

Operating weight

25,968 kg

Top forward speed

31.4 mph (50.5km/h)

Top reversing speed

24.8 mph (39.9 km/h)

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