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Sat September 18 2021

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New partnership tackles cyberattacks on infrastructure

23 May 18 Professional services firm GHD has teamed up with cybersecurity specialist Virsec to address the growing risk of cyberattacks on infrastructure.

Kumar Parakala and Atiq Raza
Kumar Parakala and Atiq Raza

“The convergence of IT and critical infrastructure systems has resulted in an exponential growth of vulnerabilities,” said GHD global digital lead, Kumar Parakala. “Attacks on critical infrastructure have increased seven-fold in the last two years and security vendors and law enforcement are struggling to keep up.”

Atiq Raza, CEO of Virsec, said that he believes that companies responsible for delivering critical infrastructure need to rethink how they approach security because hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods. “Our philosophy is simple – rather than externally chasing elusive threats, we need to get the guess-work out of cybersecurity and stop attacks at the application, in real-time. Virsec is delivering effective solutions today which are being endorsed by the companies charged with building security into systems, such as GHD.”

While GHD has traditionally delivered engineering, architecture and environmental services, said Parakala, it is increasingly being called on to help digitally protect the physical infrastructure assets it designs as well. “Our cybersecurity service builds on GHD’s experience in design, operations and maintenance of infrastructure to manage these risks for our clients,” said Parakala.

Parakala added that GHD Digital had chosen to partner with Virsec as the company’s solutions detect and block attacks within milliseconds, taking the guess-work out of cybersecurity.

The global partnership between Virsec and GHD will begin with a roadshow in Australia and New Zealand in July.

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