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Fri January 21 2022

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New prisons to showcase pods and panels

29 Jun 20 The government is planning to use four new prison building projects to promote the benefits of modular construction over traditional bricks and mortar.

Kier is building the new £253m Wellinborough Prison
Kier is building the new £253m Wellinborough Prison

The Ministry of Justice has announced plans for four new prisons to be built – one next to HMP Full Sutton in East Yorkshire, one at an as-yet to be identified site in the northwest, and two somewhere in the southeast.

The government said that these new prisons would “be built more quickly, sustainably and cost effectively than ever before”.

It said: “This is thanks to modern construction methods and new technology that have already been incorporated into the new prison being built at Wellingborough. Components, such as concrete walls, and pipework for water and electricity are built by companies around the country using modern, standardised processes and assembled on site. This in turn will ensure the economic benefits of the investment will reach firms across the country.”

Chief secretary to the Treasury Stephen Barclay MP said: “We are not only delivering on our commitment to provide 10,000 more prison places, but also signalling a shift in how we build public buildings through a major increase in factory built, modern methods of construction.

“Building on lessons from recent school construction, this will be part of a much wider change, to be embedded at the next comprehensive spending review, ensuring public buildings benefit from the quicker assembly times, lower energy use, and stronger green footprint offered by new construction technology.”

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