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Mon August 08 2022

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New working group to create European standard for transport platforms

18 Oct 10 A new Working Group 4 on transport platforms has been formed under CEN/TC 10, the European technical standards committee that covers lifts, escalators & moving walks, following lobbying by IPAF to introduce a European manufacturing norm for transport platforms.

Adrian Bolton of Alimak Hek Ltd in the UK has been appointed convenor of WG 4. CEN/TC 10 has adopted the creation of a manufacturing standard for transport platforms as a new work item, with a first working draft targeted for circulation in March 2011. 

Transport platforms are temporarily installed, powered platforms that have an open carrier and hold-to-run controls that are operated by and used for transporting authorised, trained people, small and large size materials and tools vertically, at limited speed between various access levels on a building or structure for construction, renovation, maintenance or other types of work. 

The creation of CEN/TC 10/SC 1/WG 4 and its mandate follows lobbying efforts by the IPAF Transport Platform Working Group (TPWG). 

“The IPAF TPWG is pleased to give all its support to Mr. Bolton and to all members of WG 4,” said Luca Allegro of Alimak Hek in Italy, chairman of the TPWG. “This is only the beginning of a long process that will finally lead to a European standard for transport platforms.” 

Those interested in being informed of new developments should e-mail the IPAF TPWG convenor, Romina Vanzi, on

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