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Fri December 01 2023

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New Zealand seeks 30,000 construction workers

25 Nov 11 Migration specialist the Emigration Group is seeking skilled tradesmen, engineers and construction workers to emigrate to New Zealand and help rebuild Christchurch.

The Emigration Groups said that New Zealand is now looking for more than 30,000 skilled construction workers, professionals, trades people and engineers to help with the rebuild programme in the Canterbury region following February’s earthquake.

Director Paul Arthur said: “We are searching for skilled Brits to emigrate down under.  New Zealand is looking for thousands of skilled professionals and trades people to fill a number of roles, both in the rebuild of Christchurch and Canterbury and for many other positions which have been created with NZ’s expanding economy.

“If you’re a skilled worker considering emigration down under, now is the perfect time, when there are lots of job opportunities and a very good chance of being successful in your visa application.”

He added: “Working in New Zealand is a totally different environment to the UK, there is more of a positive environment, less stress and everyone working together to try and help the economy to keep growing.”

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