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Tue October 22 2019

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Nixon stocks up on Volvo's latest minis

3 Jan Tyneside-based Nixon Hire has taken delivery of the first E-series variant of the Volvo 1.8-tonne compact excavator, with an initial batch of 16 units.

Nixon has bought an initial batch of 16 Volvo EC18E excavators
Nixon has bought an initial batch of 16 Volvo EC18E excavators

The new E-Series Volvo mini excavators boast better stability and lifting capacity over the previous D Series models thanks to a new three-piece cast iron counterweight and pressed steel side panels. They also have a new operator interface.

The E-Series Volvos have a common platform with steel panels are recessed for protection 10mm behind the high-profile cast iron counterweight.

Machine height is not much more than two metres and the variable undercarriage can shrink to less than one metre for most confined-area working. Once in position, the undercarriage can expand to 1.35 metres for additional stability.

The EC18E has a 13% increase in tractive force over its predecessor, along with 2,130kg of combined digging forces. Its lifting capacity has increased by an average of 22% at the front compared with the D-Series model it replaces. The machine’s undercarriage has been elongated to provide better all-round lifting capacity and stability, together with a 140mm increase in digging depth.

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Volvo utility equipment, and more recently Volvo GPE machines have been a long standing element to Nixon Hire’s equipment portfolio.  The company is one the oldest Pel-Job and Volvo utility dealers in the country, having taken on the franchise back in 1988. Since 1999, Nixon Hire has bought more than 1,300 Volvo compact and general purpose excavators accounting for £32.5m out of its total investment in plant and equipment over the years of £180m.

Its current fleet of Volvo machines totals 690 units, which is regularly being increased and renewed. For example, 140 compact excavators and eight GPE excavators were purchased in 2018 and Nixon Hire is ready to place similar quantities for Volvo branded products for 2019. The company runs a mix of EC15s, EC18Es, ECR25s, EC27s, EC55s, ECR58Ds, EC140s and EC220s which are distributed around its 14 hire depots across England and Scotland.

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