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Sun June 20 2021

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NZ infrastructure boom creates job opportunities for Brits

26 Jul 13 The Emigration Group says that New Zealand’s upcoming NZ$10bn (£5.2bn) infrastructure programme will lead to thousands of new jobs opening for skilled Brits.

It is urging construction workers in the UK to consider emigrating to work on the Auckland schemes, which include a second harbour crossing, a city rail link and two other highway projects for Auckland.

Fulfilling these projects will create thousands of jobs and with insufficient local skills available, according to the migration specialists. The Emigration Group said that many overseas migrants will be called upon, presenting a great opportunity for Brits, in a city which has been voted one of the best to live in the world.

Director Paul Arthur said: "New Zealand is desperate for skilled construction workers to complete developments in Auckland and elsewhere. There have been indications that they have more than 23,000 roles to fill with overseas workers and this is a huge opportunity for construction workers in the UK who maybe struggling here. If you're a skilled construction worker - be it a tradesman, project manager, engineer or architect, you have a good chance of qualifying for a permanent residence visa down under.

“Not only are there more career opportunities for builders in New Zealand but the salaries they offer are often higher than what you get in the UK, not to mention the considerably better weather and lifestyle.”

The Emigration Group offers advice to migrants wishing to move to New Zealand, providing a job placement and recruitment service, visa advice and support through the relocation process.

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