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Fri September 21 2018

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OHL bags six eastern European projects

17 Jan OHL has secured six new contracts with a combined price tag of €177m (£157m) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

University Hospital of Olomuc
University Hospital of Olomuc

Three of the projects are for the Czech Republic Railway Infrastructure Administration. Largest of the three is for €74m of improvements to the Český Těšín – Dětmarovice railway line. The contract was awarded to the joint venture formed by Subterra (38%), OHL ŽS (24%), Eurovia (30%) and GJW Praha (8%).

The second, with a budget of €34m, is for the reconstruction of the communication and security facility at the Veselí nad Moravou railway station. It is being carried out by a joint venture formed by Signalbau (50%), OHL ŽS (24%), Eurovia (24%) and AZD (2%).

The third project focuses on increasing the track speed on the Kuřim-Tišnov railway section in the Czech Republic, totaling €17m and has been awarded to a 50/50 joint venture formed by OHL ŽS and Subterra.

The other contracts include a €25m contract for the Road & Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (ŘSD) involving the modernisation of a stretch of the D1 motorway linking the Czech cities of Brno and Prague. The contract has been won by joint venture formed by OHL ŽS (39%), Alpine Bau CZ (39%) and Eurovia CS (22%).

OHL will also construct a new building for general internal medicine and geriatrics at the University Hospital of Olomuc, one of the largest hospitals in the Czech Republic. The project has been awarded by the University Hospital of Olomuc for €10m.  

The sixth contract involves reconstruction of the Turčianske Teplice-Príbovce section of the I/65 highway in Slovakia for €17m. It was awarded to a joint venture formed by OHL ŽS SK (30%), Hochtief (40%) and BM Group (30%).


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