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Wed September 22 2021

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Operator fitness guide focuses on occupational health management

28 Jun 11 New draft guidance for managing the fitness issues of plant operators has been published for consultation by the Strategic Forum for Construction’s plant safety group.

Operators will be relieved to hear that it contains no requirements for them to achieve any specific level of fitness or body mass index.

Rather, it sets out current best practice in the provision of occupational health and summarises employers’ legal requirements.  The new guidance is aimed at all employers in the construction plant sector, and is available for public comment until 19th August. The anticipated date of publication is in October.

There has long been a legal requirement for employers to assess the competence of their employees to do the tasks assigned. The new guide merely sets out procedures for doing this, with much emphasis on consulting with employees along the way.

It also covers the procurement of occupational health and safety consultants, and the standards to which these consultants are expected to adhere.

The best practice guide covers the management of:

  • legal duties
  • selection of an occupational health service provider
  • working with the occupational health service provider
  • consultation with employees
  • relevant employment law issues
  • assessment process, including frequency.

Medical Fitness to Operate Construction Plant - Strategic Forum for Construction Best Practice Guide is available from the website of the Construction Plant-hire Association.

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