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Sat July 31 2021

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Pagabo plans briefing on new civils framework

16 Jun Framework provider Pagabo has issued a prior information notice (PIN) for a framework designed for the procurement of civil engineering and infrastructure construction projects.

Pagabo managing director Jason Stapley
Pagabo managing director Jason Stapley

Pagabo’s new civils & infrastructure framework will run for four years, with the option to extend to a further two years.

It will give local authorities and public sector bodies a route to procure a range of projects including transport, energy and maritime.

More information will be given at an industry briefing next week. See below for webinar details.

Managing director Jason Stapley said: “Other areas that will be covered by this new framework ensure that those projects procured through it over the coming years are working towards tackling the climate crisis. This includes both tackling the impact of the climate emergency we are facing through flood alleviation projects and working towards net zero carbon targets using alternative fuels and developing greener travel infrastructure for the UK.

“This is the first Pagabo framework that Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, will be acting as the contracting authority for, so we’re really looking forward to working with them to bring this new offering to the market.”

The civils & infrastructure framework will have five lots, covering value bands of up to £30m and above. Each lot will feature six regional and national suppliers, along with three reserve organisations.

Pagabo is running an online industry briefing for this new framework on 23rd June 2021 at 10am. You can register your place to attend at the following link:

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