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Sat October 20 2018

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Plans approved for €100m expansion of Malta airport

23 Feb Malta International Airport has been given the green light to proceed with planning a major development project.

The airport’s masterplan involves investing at least €100m (£88m) in the development of the terminal infrastructure and surrounding airport campus. The approval by the Planning Authority enables the airport to proceed to the planning stage of the investment programme, which will be executed in three major phases.

“Through this sizeable investment we expect to solidify Malta International Airport’s important role in the local economy, as we unlock its potential to welcome more tourists and generate further employment opportunities,” said Malta International Airport CEO Alan Borg. “We also envisage that this programme will build on the successes of past investments and go on to grow the airport campus into a go-to destination for business and leisure.”

In the short term, the company’s focus will be the completion of its terminal reconfiguration project, which has already delivered a number of improvements within the terminal building. In parallel with this, the airport company and its consultants will be working on drafting design plans for a lateral expansion of the terminal.

The company will also continue evolving the surrounding airport campus into a business and leisure complex.


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