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Thu November 30 2023

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Priority road and rail projects given funding | full list

29 Nov 11 Chancellor George Osborne has announced the priority road and rail projects which will receive funding and proceed during this parliament.

Major trunk roads and motorways

  • A14 - £20 million to reduce congestion on the A14 including measures to improve junctions and increase resilience.
  • A14 challenge - Increase the long-term capacity and performance of the A14 with the launch in early December 2011 of a large-scale engagement programme: ‘the A14 Challenge’.
  • A14 Kettering Bypass - £110 million for widening of the A14 Kettering Bypass between Junctions 7 and 9.
  • A45/46 Tollbar End improvement - £110 million.
  • Access to Manchester Airport - £165 million in a new dual carriageway road linking the M56 at Manchester Airport to the A6 south of Stockport.
  • A453 widening - £160 million for widening of the A453 between Nottingham, the M1 and East Midlands Airport.
  • Managed motorway schemes - £270 million for two new managed motorway schemes: to use the hard shoulder to increase capacity on the M3 in Surrey and the M6 along part of the route between Birmingham and Manchester.
  • M25 and M1 junctions - £100 million to accelerate the current major projects planned on the M25 (Junctions 23-27) and the M1 (Junctions 39-42). .
  • M1/M6 Junction intersection - £150 million for major road improvements
  • M4 improvement - The government will engage with the Welsh Government on improvements to the M4 in South-East Wales.

Local transport projects

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  • An extra £170 million of funding for local authority major transport projects to enable all the projects in the development pool for the Spending Review 2010 period to go ahead, subject to them passing the Department for Transport assurance process. As of 29 November 2011, 20 individual projects have passed this process including £76 million for the Kingskerswell Bypass in Devon and an additional £50 million on the bypass road to the east of Lincoln.
  • The government is committed to building a new crossing across the Lower Thames and has identified three possible locations for a crossing. The government is launching its analysis of the relative merits of those options to inform a public consultation in 2013, and will be exploring the options for tackling Junction 30 of the M25 and pressures on the A13 corridor.
  • A1 Elkesley planning permission - The Government has approved the planning permission for the A1 at Elkesley.
  • Road Pinch Point fund - The government will provide additional funding of £220 million for smaller projects which will ease local bottlenecks and improve safety and road layout. This fund will also invest in driver information, signage and closed-circuit television, to improve incident clear up times and assist road users, particularly road hauliers.


  • Northern Line extension - Subject to commitment by April 2013 from a developer to develop the site and make agreed contributions, the government will consider allowing the Mayor of London and partner authorities this scheme. This has the potential to support an estimated 16,000 new homes and 25,000 new jobs in the area, 28 years after electricity generation there stopped.
  • Electrification of the Transpennine Express - £290 million to electrify the Transpennine railway route from Manchester to Leeds starting next year. Before July 2012, the Government will consider further investment in the Northern Hub.
  • East-West rail project - £270 million rail link between Oxford and Bedford. Before July 2012, the Government will announce how it will implement this plan subject to support from local contributions, based on a developed business case.
  • Reduction of disruption on rail network - £100 million to tackle local problems on the rail network more quickly.
  • Railway improvements - £290 million to improve the railway network, including bringing forward bridge renewals, enhancing access to stations and improving resilience of the network to extreme winter weather.
  • Local transport - £50 million to be distributed to all local transport authorities outside London through the Integrated Transport Block.
  • Tyne and Wear Metro - £4 million to accelerate the upgrade to the Tyne and Wear Metro.
  • East London river crossing - The government will work with the Mayor of London and Transport for London to explore options for proposed additional river crossings, for example at Silvertown.

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