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Sat November 27 2021

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Quarries declare war on trapping incidents

7 Dec 18 The quarrying industry has declared 2019 as the year that it will eliminate incidents of workers getting trapped in running machine.

The newly-launched Strategic Forum for Health & Safety in Mineral Products Sector is coordinating new campaign to improve machine safety. It says that there are around 10 reported incidents a year where someone has been drawn into or trapped by running equipment.

“Although great improvements have been made in both the design of the kit that moves, transforms and grades materials and products, these accidents are still occurring and with the power of the machinery they often have grave outcomes,” it says.

The Strategic Forum has declared 2019 as “the year to eliminate entrapment incidents”. 

The campaign aims to ensure that all equipment is fit for purpose, that everyone knows how to safely use it, and that workers, supervisors and managers routinely discuss and check that their arrangements are safe.

A three-part strategy has been agreed, for launching early in 2019:

  1. Everyone in the industry will be issued with a guide developed by the Mineral Products Association to the process of Lock Out Tag Out Try Out (LOTOTO), which protects workers from the sudden operation of machinery. 
  2. Supervisors and managers across the industry will be provided with guidance on how to check the work, engage with the workforce, listening as well as explaining LOTOTO
  3. Site managers will ensure annual checks on their equipment are made.

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