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Wed June 23 2021

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Rail Baltica project announces public lectures

2 Jun The international Rail Baltica construction project has announced a second season of online lectures aimed at STEM students and the general public.

The summer season of the Rail Baltica Academy will take place this month. It offer an opportunity for people interested in railway engineering, construction, maintenance, environmental issues, innovation and other topics to gain direct access to the key Rail Baltica experts. The speakers will be drawn from the global project coordinator RB Rail and implementing bodies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Rail Baltica - the largest railway infrastructure project in the Baltic States’ history - will run from Warsaw through Kaunas to Riga and Tallinn.The combined length of the Rail Baltica railway line in the Baltic States will reach 870km: 392km in Lithuania, 265km in Latvia, and 213km in Estonia. The project’s overall construction cost is estimated at €5.8bn (£5.1bn).

The idea of the lectures is for people to learn from them about the latest industry trends and how they are being applied in Rail Baltica. The programme includes seven online sessions, giving students the opportunity to get an insight into an integrated approach of project management and engineering.

The first season of the Rail Baltica Academy took place in November 2020 and was attended by over 280 students from 14 educational institutions from the Baltics, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Topics include a case study on Rīga Central Station, the top 10 Rail Baltica items of infrastructure objects, building and operating environmentally sustainable rail, increasing railway and airport interoperability and BIM.

“The Rail Baltica global project is a greenfield, a whole new infrastructure – something that happens very rarely,” said Andy Billington, innovation and sustainability expert at RB Rail. “With modern technologies and the innovations that will be part of this project, it is more than a railway, with far wider opportunities. The RB Academy will give a great opportunity to get a closer look at some of the possibilities that this project will open up for specialists and also to people and society as a whole. For example, multimodal transport integration, allowing someone to travel seamlessly from one city to another by airplane, car and ferry, or easily transfer from air to rail, from rail to ferries and so on.”

Sessions will be organised in English, Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian - depending on the particular session - and will be available publicly via Facebook and the project website.

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