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Fri June 18 2021

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Rail worker in danger at Ynys Hir

8 May 19 The Department for Transport’s Rail Accident Investigation Branch is exploring why a train driver had to slam on his emergency brake to avoid smashing into a track worker in South Wales last month.

The site of the near miss
The site of the near miss

Just before noon on 2nd April 2019, a track worker was nearly hit by a passenger train at Ynys Hir, between Dovey Junction and Borth stations. The track worker was one of a group walking along the track to a railway access point. The train was travelling at approximately 95 km/h (59 mph) when the driver applied the emergency brake and was slowing down as the track worker moved clear just before the train passed.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has undertaken a preliminary examination into the circumstances surrounding the incident and on the basis of this is preparing a safety digest, to be made available on its website within the next few weeks.

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