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Sat January 22 2022

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Railway workers make world’s worst Christmas song

15 Dec 16 A gang of railway workers has recorded a truly awful version of Away in a Manger in a bid for musical fame.

Orange Army Choristers
Orange Army Choristers

Orange Army Choristers, from Network Rail's track team at Rugby, have reworked the carol into Away on the Railway.

"What we lack in vocal flair we more than make up for in festive cheer – and good looks,” said Ryan Buckley, one of the atonal choristers.

“While none of us are likely to be giving up the day job any time soon, we hope our crimbo crooning brings a smile to people's faces – and reminds them that we, the orange army, are upgrading their railway this Christmas."

Turn up your volume, if you dare...

Away on the railway
We work on the track
We're grafting through Christmas
Until we hand back
A bigger, better railway
That we’re building for you
One that's quicker and slicker
Cos that’s we do
Just shovelling and grafting
No turkey for us
We're working through Christmas
No moaning, no fuss
We are the orange army
And we're working for you
Upgrading your railway
So it's shiny and new

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