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Tue April 20 2021

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Redland raves about tile clip

2 Oct 15 Tile maker Redland describes its new Innofix Clip as a ‘revolutionary’ new tile fixing.

Innofix Clips come in a magazine
Innofix Clips come in a magazine

The Innofix Clip is tool-free and available for the entire range of Redland’s concrete interlocking tiles.

It is the company’s response to the increased fixing requirements set out in BS 5534, the British Standard Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling.

According to Redland, the Innofix Clip is the only tile clip available that does not need a hammer, making it 40% quicker than using traditional nailed clips.

Components product manager Damien Pooley said: “We have manufactured the Innofix Clip with the simple aim of making roofers’ lives easier; we’ve even colour coded them for easy error-free identification.  This is a simple, straight-forward and easy to use product that has been developed in response to customer demand. It will help roofers stay compliant with the new British Standard and yet still save time and money.”

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