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Mon August 08 2022

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Rockwool launches new Rockprime loft insulation brochure

21 Oct 10 Rockwool has produced a brochure for its new RockPrime loft insulation which is a super fast & highly effective way of insulating the loft area within old and new houses.

The brochure, available through Rockwool’s website, has been written to help construction and maintenance professionals such as architects, specifiers and builders to understand the characteristics and benefits of blown loft insulation. 

The traditional means of insulating a loft is to use some form of rolled insulation which takes time and can be cumbersome working around the hard to treat lofts such as those with low pitched roofs, intricate nooks and crannies or the complex nature of modern trussed rafter roof constructions. 

In the brochure Rockwool shows how RockPrime blown loft insulation can help to achieve a good coverage between and over obstacles such, as joists and pipework, even into difficult to reach eaves, thus minimising thermal bridges. RockPrime can be installed to any specific thickness to suit required U-values. It is compatible with other insulation types and can also be used in top-up situations. 

The brochure describes how RockPrime blown loft insulation can improve the sound insulation of the building. It also highlights the fact that RockPrime blown loft insulation is Non-Combustible, as defined in UK and Ireland Building Regulations. 

The RockPrime installation process, detailed in the brochure, is done by specially trained contractors in almost half of the time of traditional roll product and causes minimum disturbance to the building occupiers. It requires no heavy lifting, cutting or manual fitting. And although RockPrime blown loft is a skilled installation it is no more expensive than traditional roll insulation yet can still provide the same cost savings. 

RockPrime blown loft insulation is a safe durable material that will remain an effective insulant for the life of the building. 

Andrew Champ, Business Development Director from Rockwool said: ”Insulating the loft is one of the most effective means of reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions from the building. RockPrime blown loft insulation can provide simple solutions to today’s and future demands of the energy regulations”.

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