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Mon September 20 2021

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Sacyr team wins contract for Spanish waste treatment centre

2 Oct 18 A joint venture of Sacyr Environment and Romero Polo has won a contract to build and operate a municipal waste treatment centre serving the Spanish city of Lleida and the surrounding district.

The €76.1m (£68m) contract, which has been awarded by the waste consortium Consorci de Residus del Segrià, starts with an initial construction phase to build a new mechanical-biological treatment plant (MBT), expand the controlled-waste depository and operate the existing composting plant and controlled deposit. The second phase involves managing the newly built MBT plant for 10 years - with the possibility of extending the term. The management role also covers the municipal waste landfill and a recycling centre located in the same facility.

The new facility will treat more than 60,000t of municipal solid waste and 15,000t of organic matter for a population of around 220,000 inhabitants. The process technology incorporates a pre-treatment line that will use optical separators and robots to maximise the levels of recovery of by-products. The organic matter will be carrried out in trench composting membranes, which Sacyr said are highly flexible, durable and sustainable. They will helping minimise the carbon footprint, while reducing the emission of odours, resulting in compost of the highest quality, it added.

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