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Mon April 12 2021

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Scots publish skills plan

27 Mar 15 The construction industry in Scotland has published a skills investment plan.

The plan has been published by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) after consultation with employers, industry bodies and trade associations from across Scotland’s construction industry.

The skills investment plan identifies four main themes for action: attracting future talent to the industry; improving the skills of the existing workforce; modernising training programmes; and providing the skills needed for future growth.

This involves helping employers ensure they have access to a supply of core construction skills and also helping to foster the development of new skills such as off-site construction, building information modelling and low-carbon construction.

Construction Scotland chair Ed Monaghan, who is chief executive of Mactaggart & Mickel, said: “Scotland’s construction industry cannot rest on its laurels, and as we move into a more positive economic outlook, there is a greater need than ever for new skills and workforce development.

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“A failure to act now in a concerted manner will see the industry missing out on growth opportunities, and by engaging with the themes of this action plan, employers and businesses have the potential to help Scotland’s construction sector to become more innovative and dynamic.

“More young people will view construction as an exciting career option, current industry professionals will see a wider range of career opportunities, and businesses will have the skills and flexibility they need to react to the changing economic landscape and to anticipate future demand.”

SDS chair John McClelland said: “The Skills Investment Plan for Scotland’s Construction Sector offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to develop their workforce in a way which will boost their competitiveness and flexibility, not only in the short-term, but in the long-term as new building practices and technologies are adopted.”

The Skills Investment Plan for Scotland’s Construction Sector is available at

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