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Sun November 28 2021

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Scottish team secures funds to support post-virus planning

15 May 20 An Edinburgh company that provides AI tools for infrastructure design has raised £1.5m to make its technology available around the world to support post-coronavirus recovery.

Continuum Industries said that the funding will enable the company support infrastructure designers and planners in plotting a path to worldwide economic recovery post Covid-19. The £1.5m in seed funding will allow it to make its technology widely available to infrastructure planning and design teams around the world, it said.

The company said that its CI Engine enables infrastructure planning and design teams to achieve drastic cuts in the time spent on early-stage design work via automation of design processes and decisions that traditionally happen in spreadsheets and emails. The initial stages of the design process can be cut from months to a matter of days, it said.

For infrastructure owners and governments, the combination of human engineers working in tandem with the CI Engine will not only save significant time, but also reduce the construction and operational costs of multi-million and billion dollar linear infrastructure projects by as much as 15%, it said.

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Grzegorz Marecki, co-founder and CEO, said: “Before founding Continuum Industries, we led a 150-people strong hyperloop team at the University of Edinburgh. While there, we built the UK’s first hyperloop prototype vehicle and successfully competed in contests run by SpaceX and Virgin Hyperloop One. It was the hyperloop moonshot that made us realise the socio-economic value of infrastructure and forced us to think about better ways of taking infrastructure projects from ideas to reality.

“Infrastructure like roads, water pipelines or transmission lines is fundamental to our modern way of life and to the global economy. Yet, nine out of ten infrastructure projects are behind schedule or over budget. What’s more, productivity of the construction industry has not increased in the last thirty years.

“As we fight to reduce our environmental impact and meet the needs of a growing population, we can’t keep relying on decades-old methods that are no longer fit for purpose — Continuum Industries brings an AI-powered alternative to help the construction industry increase its productivity and meet the demand.”

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