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Mon January 24 2022

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Self-driving trucks set to ‘revolutionise mining industry’

6 May 16 Volvo Group says that it is ready to introduce self-driving trucks to the mining industry.

Volvo's autonomous truck
Volvo's autonomous truck

On 24th and 25th May, Volvo will demonstrate its fully autonomous truck to the world’s press in a simulated mining environment in Gothenburg, Sweden. Participants will have a chance to ride in the self-driving truck and learn more about the technology involved.

The truck is part of a research and development project involving autonomous vehicles, intended to create greater business advantages for mining customers.

“The Volvo Group has been conducting research into autonomous vehicles for several years and we are delighted to have already developed a solution that we believe will ultimately revolutionise the mining industry. We expect to be able to significantly increase our customers’ productivity while at the same time improving fuel efficiency and safety,” said chief technology officer Torbjörn Holmström.

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The research project is a cooperative venture with Saab’s technology consulting subsidiary Combitech.

The truck is a fully fitted out construction vehicle that navigates and operates entirely autonomously both above and underground. It uses sensors and GPS technology to continuously read its surroundings, navigating fixed and movable obstacles while gathering data via its transport system to determine its route and traffic safety. Volvo says that the truck requires no manual supervision but is part of the customer’s total transport solution that controls the entire production process.

 “Automation is an exciting field of technology where advances are moving quickly,” said Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO of Volvo. “Solutions already exist and we expect to see more autonomous solutions in the future. But our customers are already benefiting from this technology today since we apply the same principles to our active safety systems.”

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