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Fri January 21 2022

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Seven line up for Fehmarnbelt power contract

30 Apr 14 Seven contracting teams have applied to prequalify to build a major substation to serve the €5.5bn (£4.6bn) tunnel linking Germany and Denmark under the Fehmarnbelt.

The number of applications for the project is is a highly positive sign, said Johnny Restrup-Sørensen, contract director at Femern, the client for the tunnelling project. ”It’s very gratifying that so many companies are interested in tendering for the work,” he said. “It indicates that  interest in being part of the project is great and this will assist us in ensuring that we will find the best supplier to take on the assignment.”

It will require significant power to keep the electrically powered trains running and to ensure stable operations and a high level of safety in the tunnel. The existing electricity grid on Lolland does not have the capacity to supply the energy required for train operations as well as the electrical and mechanical systems. A new large substation is, therefore, required. It will be built close to the tunnel’s ramp and portal facility at Rødbyhavn.

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