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Sun June 20 2021

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Snorkel approves Sanctuary Zone for its boom lifts

27 Jun 13 The Sanctuary Zone anti-crushing device has been approved for retrofit onto Snorkel boom lifts

Sanctuary Zone on a Snorkel A46JRT boom lift
Sanctuary Zone on a Snorkel A46JRT boom lift

Sanctuary Zone is a steel frame that helps protect the machine operator from being crushed between the platform and an overhead obstacle such as steelwork. Two pieces are side mounted on the guardrails to create a roll bar effect, with an overhead bar running between them to provide additional protection.

Snorkel’s engineering team has now approved the attachment for use on the boom lifts that it manufactures.

Sanctuary Zone weighs less than 25kg and can be fitted to a platform in around 20 minutes. The curved steelwork keeps the 660mm tall structure from getting snagged on safety netting.

It was developed by UK powered access rental company AFI-Uplift and is now sold under licence by Aerial & Handling Services.

Snorkel has approved Sanctuary Zone as an attachment to its global platform measuring 2.4m  x 1m (8ft x 3ft 3ins), which is fitted to all of its mid-sized and large telescopic booms (14m/40ft and upwards) and all articulated booms 19m/62ft and upwards. Snorkel has also approved the system for its A46JRT 14m (46ft) articulated rough terrain boom and its A46JE electric equivalent. Engineers will approve the use of Sanctuary Zone on other Snorkel platforms on a case-by-case basis, the company said.

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