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Tue June 22 2021

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Stolen excavator recovered thanks to tracker

7 Nov 16 A three-tonne Kubota excavator stolen from a construction site in Steeple, Southminster, was recovered 20 miles away in Chelmsford thanks to the machine having a tracking device.

The stolen Kubota was tracked to a Chelmsford lock-up
The stolen Kubota was tracked to a Chelmsford lock-up

When the owner of the machine reported it missing, the AMI tracking system was activated to emit a radio frequency signal revealing its location.

The excavator was tracked to a locked building on an industrial site in Chelmsford, which police helped access.

AMI Group operations director Peter Stockton said: “Even though the machine was well hidden inside a locked industrial building, the signal of our tracking device was so strong that the recovery agent was able to go straight to the location where the stolen machine was. We were able to work with the local police force to recover the machine and make sure it is returned, meaning that our customer totally avoided the inconvenience and huge cost of replacing stolen plant machinery. They were absolutely delighted to be returned with a valuable piece of kit.”

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