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Mon June 21 2021

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Substation towed to sea for mega windfarm

24 Jul 13 Strukton Hollandia has this week begun transporting a 40m by 40m transformer platform to its final destination at the heart of a new North Sea windfarm.

The platform is the substation for DanTysk, which one of the largest marine wind farms. Strukton and Hollandia are handling both the engineering and the construction of the transformer platform.

The journey began in Krimpen aan den Ijssel and the route took the plaform under the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

It will arrive in a few days at its destination, 70km to the west of the German island of Sylt, located in the North Sea close to the German-Danish border.

The platform will then be placed on its foundations using a heavy-duty floating crane. The foundations are 40m in height, resting on piles driven into the seabed.

The substation will be the heart of the DanTysk wind farm. The energy from the 80 wind turbines is collected at the substation before being transported to the German mainland via a submarine cable. The new wind farm in the German part of the North Sea belongs to the energy company Vattenfall and Stadtwerke M√ľnchen.

The DanTysk wind turbines have a combined capacity of 288MW, generating enough energy to power 400,000 homes in Germany. The wind farm will begin operations in 2014.

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