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Fri August 12 2022

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Tender announced for Fehmarnbelt substation

20 Dec 13 The third major tender has been announced for the €5.5bn (£4.6bn) Fehmarnbelt immersed tunnel, which will link Denmark and Germany.

The latest tender is for a large substation to provide power for the electric trains, which will operate through the tunnel, and for the electrical systems in the tunnel.

Nine international consortia are already in the process of submitting tenders for the tunnel itself. Femern, which is tasked with designing and planning the fixed link, has also recently announced the tender for the installation of the electrical and mechanical systems in the tunnel. 

Large amounts of power will be required to keep the trains in operation and to ensure stable operations and a high standard of safety in the tunnel. The existing electricity grid on Lolland does not have the capacity to supply the amount of energy needed for the rail operations and the electrical and mechanical systems. The new large substation will be built close to the tunnel’s ramp and portal system at Rødbyhavn.

The project will be undertaken in partnership with the energy supply company,, and will comprise the installation of the substation, including transformers and switchgear for the supply of the tunnel’s electricity and the catenary system. In addition, buildings for the switchgear, the control room and staff facilities will be constructed.

“The installation of major transformers with their control equipment targets major international or national specialist contractors or sub-contractors,” said technical director  Steen Lykke. “But I can also foresee that some of the works involving buildings and electrical installations will appeal to small firms.”

At a later date, Femern will be putting another rail-related contract out to tender, for the track and catenary system.

On 21 January 2014, Femern is hosting an Industry Day where companies that are interested in tendering as well as any sub-contractors will be given a detailed review of the content and nature of the tasks.

Details of the substation contract can be found on the project website (link opens in new tab).

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