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Thu June 24 2021

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Thrill seekers expose lack of site security

21 Sep 16 Site security on major London construction sites has been exposed yet again by young men seeking thrills and internet fame by risking their lives on high buildings.

YouTube footage shows three young men posing high above the London skyline walking on the edge of the roof of a tall building under construction, and standing on top of what appears to be the mast of a hoist.

The building was not specified, other than that it is near Tower Bridge. The footage, filmed on 14th September 2016, shows it to be at fit-out stage.

Leader of the gang is a regular YouTube video blogger Louis Cole, aged 32, with friends Jacob and Harry, who appear much younger and are showing the way. It is apparent that they consider high-rise construction sites to be suitable playgrounds.

Clearly an industry response is required in the form of tighter security.

The video can be seen here, if you are happy to add to those all important clicks.

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