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Sun September 26 2021

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Thwaites dumpers for Breheny

4 Sep 20 Suffolk-based Breheny Civil Engineering has bought 15 Thwaites forward-tipping site dumpers from dealer Ernest Doe.

Breheny plant operations manager Andrew Dobrucki, left, and chairman John Breheny
Breheny plant operations manager Andrew Dobrucki, left, and chairman John Breheny

All 15 machines are 9-tonners with full safety cabs.

And all three companies have been in business a long time: Ernest Doe began trading in 1898; Thwaites began production from its Warwickshire base in 1937; and Breheny started in the 1950s.

Thwaites dumpers have been an integral part of the Breheny plant fleet from the very early years on site,” said Breheny plant operations manager Andrew Dobrucki. “We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards, so much so, we invited Thwaites to provide demonstration models of their 9-ton cabbed dumper to our infrastructure project at Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford”.

“The dumpers were put through their paces over an extended trial period. The performance feedback from both the users and the site management team, showed a clear preference for the Thwaites 9-ton cabbed dumper, rather than its peers. Whilst this came at a cost premium, the robust build, safety characteristics and performance were considered to be compensatory factors in mitigating the premium”.

Thwaites distributor manager Paul Rodwell said “Thwaites were pleased to support Ernest Doe on this prestigious deal. Breheney have a clear behavioural safety initiative of Think Safe, Work Safe and Home Safe which is congruous with that of Thwaites and the design features of the 6-tonne and 9-tonne range,”

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