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Mon June 21 2021

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Timloc launches new air tight access panels

27 Apr 12 Building products specialist Timloc has launched a range of air tight plastic access panels which exceed the air tightness requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and meet the latest Gas Safe guidelines for flue inspection hatches.

The new panels have an integrated low profile seal design making them air tight.

As well as helping builders and specifiers to meet the air tightness element of Part L of the Building Regulations the new panels can also facilitate compliance with Building Regulations Part J and the new Gas Safe regulations that come into force on 1 January 2013. The regulations mean panels are required in order for gas safety engineers to gain access to boiler flue systems for maintenance checks.

Timloc technical director Phil Harvey said: “Timloc’s new range of air tight plastic access panels have a wide range of applications. Local authorities and housing associations in particular are increasingly specifying air tight access panels for social housing schemes. We are also confident that there will be interest in these innovative panels across the rest of the building industry.

“The airtight design reduces heat loss and eliminates drafts, delivering energy efficiency savings.  The panels are also an improvement on standard plastic designs when it comes to maintaining the acoustic integrity of their specific location – whether it’s a boxed in flue or boiler void, a plasterboard ceiling or pipe boxing for services.  Noise of course travels through air – so if you make something air tight you can reduce the noise travelling through it.

“Because Timloc access panels are airtight they also help reduce the risk associated with carbon monoxide leakage (CO) where they are installed in pipe boxing for boiler system flues. This means they will be especially useful for organisations, landlords and housebuilders who seek to comply with the new Gas Safe regulations.”

The product is manufactured from white, high impact plastic, with a lightly textured surface to facilitate future painting. The 12mm-deep picture frame design allows quick and easy installation by adhesive or silicone by fixing direct to a finished flat surface. The seal is an integrated closed cell foam gasket.

The air tight access panels are available in five hole fitting sizes (product codes in brackets):

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•           115mm x 165mm (AP110AT)

•           155mm x 235mm (AP150AT)

•           205mm x 205mm (AP200AT)

•           305mmx305mm (AP200AT)

•           470mm x 470mm (AP450AT)

The new air tight panels complement Timloc’s existing range of plastic, metal, tile and circular access panels. The panels, which are fully removable to facilitate easy access for repairs and maintenance, can be used on drylined walls, pipe boxing, ceilings, ducts and service units.

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