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Wed September 22 2021

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Treasury updates construction pipeline

13 Sep The Treasury has published a 33-page document intended to put some flesh on the bones of its construction pipeline.

The document, Analysis of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline 2021* from the Infrastructure & Projects Authority (IPA), follows on from the National Infrastructure Strategy and the Construction Playbook, published in November and December 2020 respectively.

IPA chief executive Nick Smallwood said: “Between £21bn and £31bn of contracts across economic and social infrastructure will be brought to market over the next year, with a projected £650bn over the next 10 years.

“This pipeline and the package of publications working alongside it will allow industry to plan and strategise for the coming years, setting projects up for success from the very beginning.”

Pipeline Procurements by Sector

Sector Number of procurements Number of projects Number of programmes Estimated minimum contract value (£m) Estimated maximum contract value (£m)
Housing & regeneration 16 4 12 £177.70 £242.50
Education 165 165 0 £2,408.10 £2,504.10
Energy 22 13 9 £139.90 £298.70
Flood Defence 41 40 1 £953.10 £953.10
Home Office 2 0 2 £0.30 £5.30
Justice 23 10 13 £2,525.40 £2,775.40
Science & research 8 8 0 £338.00 £338.00
Transport 132 19 113 £14,806.30 £23,665.40
Waste 9 0 9 £11.60 £11.60
Total 418 259 159 £21,360.40 £30,794.10

Neil Humphrey, chief operating officer at Waterman and chair of the Association for Consultancy & Engineering’s (ACE) procurement and pipeline group, welcomed the update to the pipeline. “Full transparency in this area is crucial to ensuring our members have the right mix of skills, expertise and experience to deliver ambitions to build back better,” he said.

“The volume and scope of the projects and programmes in the pipeline reveals some of the detail behind commitments for post-pandemic recovery and, longer-term, to a net zero future. I’m pleased that ACE was able to support its members to deploy capabilities to best-effect by ensuring that additional project details were provided this year. This was a simple but common-sense improvement which will ensure the document is even more useful for the industry.”

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