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Tue September 28 2021

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Trimble control for Engcon tilt angle

6 Nov 18 Tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon has teamed up with Trimble, the excavator control system manufacturer, to develop a new feature that automatically keeps the bucket or beam at the correct tilt angle.

Image from Engcon Sweden
Image from Engcon Sweden

The new system means that the operator only needs to keep the equipment at the correct height and rotation for perfect results, the manufacturers say.

Engcon and Trimble have worked together previously, to integrate each other's products and features. Engcon’s Positioning System (ePS) can be used with Earthworks, Trimble’s grade control technology platform, for example. The driver can see the exact position of the bucket shown on the screen in the excavator cabin.

Now the two companies are taking the next step in collaboration, combining Engcon’s automatic tilt function with Trimble’s Earthworks excavation system to allow guidance and automated control.

"The collaboration with Engcon has worked very well and the work on the automatic tilt function is a very successful project," said Fredrik Eklind, machine control product manager in Trimble’s Civil Engineering & Construction Division.

"The market's demands for higher productivity, profitability and automation in construction are increasing and by combining both tiltrotator and excavator systems in an automatic tilt function, we will see not only a response to meeting market requirements but also increased operator comfort," he added.

Engcon's DC2 control system is available for download in Trimble’s Android display via Trimble’s App Central. This means that users have access to remote support directly through the large Trimble display and the digging system's internet connection.

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