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Sun March 07 2021

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Turkey turns to private sector to develop new railways

7 Aug 14 Upcoming reforms to Turkey’s rail transportation system will allow the private sector to take part in the expanding the network.

A recently completed study by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications says that private companies will be allowed to build railways and operate trains. The move is designed to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the overall system.

Private companies willing to build infrastructure will be given a 49-year operating licence. The private sector will also be able to lease existing routes to carry freight and passengers.

The Turkish government is seeking to increase the use of railways and measures include establishing high-speed lines between the country’s main cities.

Investments over the next 10 years are expected to increase the length of the network from today’s 12,000km to 26,000km, including 10,000km of high-speed line.

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