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Sun August 14 2022

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UK educational institutions teaching construction management courses and their students can now obtain Asta Powerproject software free of charge

24 Nov 10 Asta Development, a leading international developer of project and resource management software, has announced it will be giving free licences of its construction project management software, Asta Powerproject, to all UK tertiary institutions teaching construction-related courses as well as to students on these courses.

Lecturers teaching construction-related courses or modules can apply for as many licences as they wish for use on their courses. These can be standalone or network licences and they come with free technical support, on an annual basis, for a named contact per course. In addition, Asta Development is offering a free full-day training course per academic term to lecturers. 

Students can obtain a free copy of Asta Powerproject for the duration of the academic year via their lecturer.  They will also be given free access to the Asta Powerproject technical support knowledge base. 

Asta Development is delighted to help students learn about construction project planning using the most relevant and widely used software in the construction industry. By using Asta Powerproject they can learn in a hands-on fashion about how to manage the whole project planning life-cycle from project set up, scheduling and resource allocation to progress reporting, cost monitoring, presentation and client reporting.

James O’Connor, Senior Lecturer in Construction Management and Technology at Dublin Institute of Technology has introduced a module in year four of the honours degree programme in Construction Management called Construction Planning and Computer Applications. “In this module the students use Asta Powerproject as the main computer planning tool to achieve the learning outcomes of the module,” he said. “We have currently 36 students in the final year for this module which is taught in a computer lab. I have been running this module for the past two year and the feedback that I and my head of department have had from the students is very positive. They find it practical, challenging and believe that it prepares them well for their future careers.”

Paul Bamforth, Managing Director at Asta Development said: “Quite a number of lecturers teaching construction management courses are already using Asta Powerproject on their courses but, up until now, they have had to pay for the software and support, although at a significantly reduced sum.  We have taken the decision to make Asta Powerproject software available free of charge in order to support the training of tomorrow’s construction project planners.  We believe that it is important for them to become familiar with the industry standard project planning software tool so that when they do start work as construction professionals, they already have a good understanding of how it can be used to properly support the successful delivery of construction projects.”

There are currently 223 UK tertiary institutions teaching construction-management related courses (source: Mardev/IBIS November, 2010).  For existing educational users, Asta Development will provide free software and free annual support to one named contact per course which will apply when their current support contract expires.

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