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Thu September 16 2021

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UK's largest flat-top crane goes up at Heathrow

3 Apr 18 The largest flat-top tower crane in the UK has been erected and put to work at Heathrow Airport.

Rental company City Lifting has supplied a modified Linden Comansa 21LC750 for the construction of a hotel next to Heathrow Terminal 2.

The 21LC750 at Heathrow was erected with a freestanding height of 51.3 metres and jib length of 55 metres. In this configuration, the jib-end load capacity is 16,200 kg, rising to 17,280 kg when using the PowerLift system that is standard on all Linden Comansa flat-top cranes.

The 14-storey hotel is being built by the Arora Group. To lift the heavy prefab modules of up to 13,200 kg, City Lifting installed a special model of the 21LC750 crane, with maximum load capacity of 50 tonnes instead of the regular 48 tonnes. The increase in capacity is achieved by using a lighter trolley/hook set and the selection of a compacted wire rope.

According to City Lifting owner Trevor Jepson said:  "The 21LC750 at Heathrow Airport is the largest flat-top crane in the United Kingdom. We are convinced that when the crane finishes its job in this project, we will receive plenty of rental enquiries, because the trend in construction is to use heavier prefabricated units and machines like the 21LC750 will be more necessary for construction companies to work in a quick and efficient way. This model is the perfect addition to our tower crane fleet, which includes 43 units from Linden Comansa."

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