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Tue September 25 2018

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Vinci lands Belgrade airport concession

8 Jan Vinci Airports is set to sign a 25-year concession to run and expand Serbia’s main airport.

The Republic of Serbia and Airport Nikola Tesla have named the company as the best bidder for the concession, which covers the financing, operation, maintenance, extension and upgrading of the existing terminal and runways at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

The contract is expected to be signed in the first quarter of 2018, with Vinci Airports then taking over operation by the end of this year, following financial close.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla serves as the hub for Air Serbia, which accounts for more than 50% of the airport’s passenger traffic. About 5.3 million passengers used the airport in 2017.

As concessionaire, Vinci Airports will aim to improve airport operating conditions to enable Air Serbia to offer new long-haul routes. Vinci Airports said that it will build on its partnerships with over 200 airlines to increase the airport’s traffic and connectivity, in line with Serbia’s economic growth potential.

Vinci Airports will also capitalise on the airport management and development experience it has acquired in France, Portugal, Japan and other countries to improve the overall airport customer experience, notably by reorganising and optimising passenger flows and expanding retail areas.

Nicolas Notebaert, chief executive officer of Vinci Concessions and chairman of Vinci Airports, said: “This success marks a new stage in Vinci Airports’ expansion outside France. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will serve as the company's ‘hub’ in Southeast Europe, a geographical area in which Vinci Airports has not operated until now.”


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