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Mon October 18 2021

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Volvo wagon made from fossil-free steel

4 days Volvo Construction Equipment has produced what it says is the world’s first vehicle made of fossil-free steel.

The vehicle made from fossil-free steel
The vehicle made from fossil-free steel

The demonstration machine, a load carrier for use in mining and quarrying, was made in Volvo’s facility in Braås, Sweden, using Swedish SSAB steel.

The steel is made by using fossil-free electricity. More vehicles will follow in 2022 in what will be a series of concept vehicles and components using fossil-free steel from SSAB.

Melker Jernberg, president of Volvo Construction Equipment, said: “Our ambition is to have fossil-free steel used across all our products, with a step-by-step approach. This machine is proof that we really can make fast progress, when we work together in strong partnerships, when we are determined to act and we enable our skilled people to contribute to building the world we want to live in.”

“Having the world´s first actual vehicle made using SSAB´s fossil-free steel is a true milestone. Our collaboration with Volvo Group shows that green transition is possible and brings results,” said Martin Lindqvist, SSAB president and chief executive.

In 2026, SSAB plans to supply the market with fossil-free steel at a commercial scale after a conversion of its Oxelösund blast furnaces into an electric arc furnace and by using HYBRIT technology, which replaces coking coal traditionally needed for iron ore-based steelmaking, with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen.

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