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Tue April 13 2021

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Wacker's battery-powered rammer

29 Apr 15 Wacker Neuson has introduced a battery-powered rammer for emission-free and cable-free working.

The AS 50 in action
The AS 50 in action

The Wacker Neuson battery-powered rammers are available in two versions. The smaller model AS 30 is a special rammer for the compaction of pipe gussets. The AS 50 is used for all traditional rammer work.

"The battery-powered rammer is a real novelty on the market,” said Alexander Greschner, managing director of Wacker Neuson Produktion. “And it is the result of close collaboration with our customers, because we have implemented some requirements here that companies and users have brought to us.

"For example, the battery-powered rammer can fully display its strengths in trench applications and when used in buildings. For emission-free work not only protects the health of the operator, but also expands the range of application of the rammer – and therefore the flexibility of the company."

Wacker Neuson uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which it says are better for construction applications that the typical lithium cobalt oxide batteries used in mobile phones and laptops. Even after 1,500 charge cycles, at least 80% of the battery capacity is still available, it is claimed. Another benefit is the high temperature stability for operating temperatures between -10 and +50 degrees Celsius.

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