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Fri September 24 2021

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Winner picked for €500m Helsinki high-rise development

5 Oct 18 The winning proposal has been chosen in an international competition for the design and development of a high-rise complex in Helsinki, Finland.

YIT’s proposal ‘Trigoni’ has won the competition, which was organised by the Finnish Government organisation Senate Properties and the City of Helsinki.  The competition sought a high-quality design to form the basis of the city plan for the Pasila Tower Area, as well as company to implement work on the ‘Start-Up Area’, where the construction is planned to begin in 2020–2021. The value of the Start-Up Area will be approximately €500m (£443m).

The winner of the competition will be asked to sign a contract for the purchase of the project’s launch area.

The winning proposal Trigoni comprises nine tower buildings to be built on the south side of Pasila Bridge. Two of the towers, comprising 51 and 40 storeys respectively, are to be located in the start-up area. The start-up area has a permitted building volume of approximately 67,000m2 of floor area, encompassing commercial premises, office spaces and homes.

The entire Tower Area consists of 150,000 to 200,000 floor square metres, including residential, commercial and office premises.

Helsinki is in the middle of an ambitious transformation and offers as an investment environment that is the perfect mix of economic, social and ecological sustainability, said the city’s mayor Jan Vapaavuori. “The openness and flexibility of business and administration – and society as a whole – is a key element in Helsinki,” he added. “The strategically placed Pasila Tower Area will be a fine addition to Helsinki. YIT’s competition entry provides us with an excellent basis for versatile and dense urban development.”

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