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Thu June 17 2021

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Wolffkran adds air conditioning to entire crane fleet

19 Aug 20 Tower crane firm Wolffkran is promising that just about all of its UK hire fleet will have air-conditioned operator cabins by the end of 2021.

Wolff tower crane with air conditioning
Wolff tower crane with air conditioning

All new cranes delivered to UK and Ireland rental projects have been equipped with air-conditioned cabins since 2019. Older cranes are now being fitted out with air-conditioning too.

Wolffkran said that it had made the move because of concerns voiced by operators  in the face of increasingly frequent hot weather during the summer months.

Earlier this month the Unite trades union warned that tower crane operators were being put at extreme risk of suffering heat stress, compromising their ability to function effectively.

Wolffkran Ltd sales director Julian Dyer said: “We already have a large number of cranes with air conditioning and now pledge to commit to every crane going to site in future, meeting this standard.

“This will mean that with a few exceptions, our fleet of rental cranes will have air-conditioned operator cabins by the end of 2021.”

He added: “The commitment made by Wolffkran shows the comfort and wellbeing of our operatives along with those who work with the Wolff product is our priority.”

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