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Mon December 04 2023

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Approach dozing from a different angle with the Viking Power Dozer

Digger Blogger | 19:20, Thu May 17 2012

This interesting promotional video was recently posted on our Friends of the Digger Blog Facebook page by regular reader Eirian Jones, who owns E. Jones Plant Hire who are based in Aberystwyth. I thought it was worthy of a mention here on the main stage.

I am pretty sure I wrote a post on this unique earthmoving attachment in the early Contract Journal days of the Digger Blog. However I think you will agree, it’s well worth another look. The Power Dozer system can be fitted to most size classes of bulldozer, and is said, by its manufacturers, to provide faster and more efficient earthmoving than any other conventional machine on the market.

It's a very clever piece of engineering, and I could see the benefits of this system when backfilling trenches on pipelines as shown in the video, but one would have to say surely a conventional angle tilt dozer would be just as effective?





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